Pringe George's County: Who's Who Top 100

Who's Who in Prince George's


In one of the most important and popular special editions of the year, Who's Who in Prince George's will present many of the most high profile movers and shakers in the regain as well as a number of the up and coming trendsetters to watch. It will be an important publication that will help spotlight many of the best and brightest of the county.


What's Who's Who in Prince George's?


Who’s Who in Prince George’s is recognition of many of the most influential trendsetting men and women in the county. They are both recognized and unrecognized people who make living in Prince George’s brighter and better. They come from all industries and walks and professions. They reflect the diversity of Prince George’s and pride in what they do.

The final selection will be made by the Prince George’s Suite Advisory Board.

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How To Get In "Who's Who in Prince George's" ($1,000*)


  • Sponsorship Page: Donate a page to a non-profit organization or agency
  • Advertising Page: Announce or present a company or organization at a discounted rate
  • Congratulations Page: Celebrate and profile an individual or organization

(*Half Page and Web Page opportunities are available)